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Lift Chair Positions

With all of the different models of lift chairs available, it might at first seem overwhelming determining which lift chair will best fit your needs, but it doesn't have to be.

Understanding Lift Chair Positions

Lift chairs are often classified by the way that the lift chair reclines. There are four basic Lift Chair Classifications:

Two-Position Lift Chairs: A Two-Position Lift Chair can recline approximately 45 degrees, which make these lift chairs a great choice for someone who wants a comfortable TV lift recliner.

Three-Position Lift Chairs: Three-Position Lift Chairs recline to a nearly horizontal position and to any position in between. This makes a three position lift recliner a great choice for napping, watching TV, or reading a book.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs: An Infinite-Position Lift chair reclines to any angle and is capabable of reclining to a completely horizontal position. Unlike the other two types of lift chairs, an Infinite-Position Lift Chair also allows the footrest and backrest to be operated separately of one another. So, for example, you can extend the footrest to a horizontal position and recline the backrest to a "TV recline" position.

Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs: Zero Gravity lift recliners are built with the same abilities of an infinite position lift chair in that the backrest and footrest can be operated separately. In addition. A Zero Gravity lift chair allows for additional positions that put your thighs and lower legs above the level of your torso and reduce lower back pressure.  It will also achieve the Trendelenburg position which elevates the feet higher than the head for increased comfort and relaxation.

Does This Mean My Lift Chair Will Only Have 3 Positions?

No. A Two-Position or Three-Position Lift Chair is very configurable and the backrest can be stopped at any point, until you reach the chairs respective limit.

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