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Weighing Your Options: Lift Chairs Or Recliners?

Wondering whether a lift chair or a traditional recliner is the best option for you? This article can help point the way!For some people, a lift chair is a necessity. Medical conditions or loss of mobility due to age make these chairs essential for safe day-to-day living. However, if you're relatively able-bodied, you may be wondering if a lift chair is a smart purchase compared to a traditional recliner. There's actually quite a lot of reasons to choose a lift chair over a standard recliner - although price is generally not one of them, even when buying from a retailer with prices as low as ours!

To begin with, if mobility isn't a problem for you, a standard recliner will probably do just fine for your needs. Lift chairs are made to help people with problems like chronic pain, immobile joints, poor balance, or injury- and illness-related incapacitation. If you're relatively young and none of these problems apply to you, then by all means, pick out a nice standard recliner and enjoy it!

However, if you've come to our website to browse our products and are now reading this article, there's probably a good reason for it. Maybe your knee gives out every once in awhile when you get out of bed or stand up from your current easy chair. Perhaps your doctor has put you on a new life-saving medication that has the unfortunate side effect of giving you dizzy spells that make standing up difficult. You may even be going in for surgery soon and wondering if a lift chair can make your post-operative recovery easier.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, a lift chair is probably a good, sensible purchase. What we think of as an indulgence today can actually be a sound investment in one's future. Fall injuries are the most common causes of hospital admissions for people over age 60, many of them resulting in fatalities or long-term disabilities - and even if you aren't quite that old yet, preparing for the future is never a bad idea. Many health conditions are genetic in origin, and if both of your parents have trouble with a fused spine, a bad knee, or arthritis pain, the writing on the wall isn't too hard to read. Of course, you should always consult a doctor to see if the pain or difficulty you're experiencing is symptomatic of a long-term problem or just a temporary annoyance. But if those difficulties are warning signs of bigger problems to come, buying a lift chair today is the smart decision.

And if you're going in for surgery soon, you'd do well to think even harder about adding a lift chair to your home. Operations that leave stitches can cause complications after your release; moving too much or in a way that disturbs sutures can cause a surgical incision to reopen, which can mean another hospital stay and more bills to pay. If you're having surgery performed on an area of your torso or abdomen, the likelihood of pulling a stitch during movement is even greater, especially when sitting and standing. The money you spend on a lift chair could well be dwarfed by the cost of a repeat visit to the emergency room!

Additionally, you may be going through treatment for a chronic condition which can be temporarily relieved by surgery, but may occasionally flare up in the future. For times like that, a lift chair can be an invaluable aid to getting through the day comfortably and safely. It's much better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

If you're hesitating to buy a lift chair because you feel your options will be restrained compared to those found on a traditional recliner, we'd like a chance to prove you wrong. Our manufacturers offer wide selections of fabric textures and colors for the discerning shopper, including genuine leather. And with the wide variety of shapes and sizes of lift chairs available today, matching something to your home's decorative style and your individual tastes has never been so easy. Call one of our lift chair specialists today at 1 (800) 791-6264 and find out more about the galaxy of options available to you when you shop with!